Care Sheet

  •  1.    Keep food and water avaliable at all times for your new pet. Small breed puppies need to nibble small amounts thoughout the day, to keep their blood sugar up. See Hypoglycemia sheet.

  •  2.     Feed ONLY Royal Canin digestive health mini puppy food for the first month. You can get it at petsmart.

  •  3.     Give NuVet vitamins every day. Sprinkle vitamin on dry food.

  • Your puppy is litter box trained! ( I know! Thats amazing!)

Supplies list:

        2 cups. Tractor supply equine pelleted bedding. “litter”
        Bucket (almost any size will do, we are using 3 gallon bucket)
        litter box (we use 24” x 24” rabbit pans from tractor supply)
        4 cups. Water ( may need to use more or less)

        Step 1. Have a bucket, the litter box, and the “litter” ready. 

         Step 2. put about 2 cups of "litter" into the bucket.

        Step 3. Put about four cups of warm water in to bucket.

        Step 4. mix water and “litter” together, until all pellets are expanded and have become moist saw dust.
( you don't want it to be to wet, in should feel like dry saw dust when it's fully expanded.)

        Step 5. pour “litter” into litter box and set down for your puppy.( the litter box should be in the spot that you want them to go all the time, so it needs to assessible at all times.