Sales agreement/ Health guarantee/Contract

    This is our sales agreement. Be sure to read it when you purchase one of our puppies/dogs.

    This is what you are agreeing to:

    Deposits are required to hold a puppy.We will not hold any puppy/dog without a deposit! All deposits are non-refundable.

    We make an effort to provide a healthy, happy and well socialized puppy/dog at time of sale. The buyer (you) has a 72 hour window in which you are urged to have the puppy/dog checked by a licensed veterinarian. (Please E-mail me the results for our records.) This will enter you into our 12 month congenital guarantee. We are not responsible for any veterinary bills you occur! 

    If the veterinarian finds a life threatening congenital defect (i.e. heart, liver or kidney) we will exchange the puppy/dog for a puppy of similar quality and sex, when one becomes available. (I am a small breeder, so puppies are not always available.) No cash refunds will ever be made. 

     Conditions that are treatable are not guaranteed. They can be, but are not limited to: worms, ear infections, coccidiosis, giardia, parvo,colds, distemper and corona (They will have at least 2  vaccinations). These conditions do not warrant a replacement puppy. 

     This puppy/dog is not guaranteed to be of show or breeding quality. Color, size, ear set ,disposition, temperament, allergies, undescended testicles, retained teeth, or hernias, etc. are also not guaranteed, only estimated to to the best of our ability. Loose patellas are common in very little dogs, So we can not guarantee that this will not occur.

All puppies are sold as PETS ONLY.You will get them neutered or spayed as soon as they are old enough.The parents are registered,but no registration papers on puppies.Breeders contact me privately. 

Pictures-Taking pictures of puppies is a lot lik e trying to herd cats.We will do our best to take pictures every 2 weeks .Sometimes life gets in the way. They don't change much   week to week ,but you will see a difference in 2 weeks .I really am concentrating on day to day care for your puppy.

Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available and because all canine illness are NOT covered by vaccination, we require that all Spirit mesa toys dogs/puppies be kept on “NuVtu Plus Canine”. This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder recommendation. The order line phone number is 1-800-474-7044. Your order code is #90375. The order line hours are 8am-6pm Pacific time. NuVet Plus labs send us a monthly report on which Spirit mesa toys dogs/puppies are being supplemented.

         PLEASE NOTE: This health guarantee will be considered null and void if you choose not to keep your pet on this supplement.

Proof of genetic disorders must be proven by the following steps:

    1. We must be sent a copy of All treatment that has been done to the puppy/dog.
    2. Must be proven by more then one licensed veterinarian. One of which is NOT your regular veterinarian.
    3. We will need certified letters from BOTH veterinarians.

    The disorder must be life threatening to guarantee a replacement puppy. If it is something the puppy/dog can life with normally it is not guaranteed. Again we are not responsible for ANY veterinary bills you occur! 

    If you do choose to return a puppy/dog due to a finding by your veterinarian the following will be done upon the return: ( No agreement will be made until we do the following!)

  1.The puppy/dog will be examined by 2 veterinarians in our area. One of which will NOT be our regular veterinarian. 
  2 .If the finding are conclusive, we will contact you on what action will be taken.

    If a replacement puppy is the out come YOU are responsible for all shipping costs.

    This contract is null and void if all terms and conditions are not fulfilled. By signing below you indicate that you understand and agree to all terms and conditions. You also agree not to harass or slander the breeder in any wayor statements on any internet platform.You agree not to post negative reviews . If legal actions are brought against the breeder, ligation must take place in the jurisdiction of Cibola County, New Mexico.

    If for some reason you can no longer provide a loving home for this puppy/dog, we ask that you contact us first. This puppy/dog is NEVER to be euthanized or placed in a shelter or rescue of ANY kind, nor any “unwanted animal” organization. This puppy/dog is not to be sold, traded or given away without the consent of the breeder. We enjoy seeing pictures of the puppies/dogs we have breed. You agree that any photos sent can be used in advertisements, etc.

    By taking ownership of this puppy/dog, you agree to abide by this agreement. Also Please keep in mind that puppies/ dogs are not toys and must not be treated as such.

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Price of puppy $____________
Paid in full? ___Yes ___No
Deposit? ___Yes ___No
Amount of deposit ?____________
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Balance remaining $_____________
(cash only)

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