We want to your new puppy to become a cherished member of your family. We know that for this puppy to be the best he can be that he will need care from before he was conceived. His mother and sire will have to be properly fed, vaccinated and exercised for the best health. 
Once he has arrived, our job will be to provide him with lots of love and attention, so he will be a great family pet.
He will receive vaccinations on a strict schedule to provide maximum protection. I do not use combination vaccinations, but individual shots. We feel that this gives the best protection. It is more work and cost, but we do want to give these puppies the best we can.
Your puppy will have been started litter box training from the time they crawl out of the whelping box at about 3 weeks. Puppies do not want to soil their living area. Providing them a place to go from the very beginning makes them much easier to housebreak. If for some reason they have to be left and cannot go out they will have a place to go in the house. We have litter boxes in our house so that older puppies that cannot go into the yard yet, will have a box.
Our puppies are allowed free time in the house, where they can explore and play from the time they are about 5-6 weeks old. This means they will adapt much easier to your home when the time comes. It is interesting to watch them playing and then go find a litter box to use.
We want our puppies to become cherished members of your family and to live up to their potential by giving them the best start we can.